Making drilling operations safer Saving millions in costs

Now you can better handle medical emergencies, save lives and avoid unnecessary operational costs.



Reduce risks and costs
on your rigs and platforms

Deploys seamlessly on existing infrastructure

Device agnostic

Works at extremely low bandwidths

Cost Savings

Prevent unnecessary and costly evacuations by making more informed decisions using the best in emergency medical communication. Our emergency-trained physicians can use real-time data and face-to-face communication to quickly diagnose, direct treatment, or advise evacuation with greater accuracy. This leads to direct cost savings for the company in transportation and medical costs, and better health outcomes for the worker, which leads to indirect cost savings in the long term.


While most rigs and platforms will maintain the presence of a medical staff, such personnel currently require recurring emergency medical training. By relying on Skali, you can alleviate some of these requirements. As many medics on site also fill multiple roles, they will have more time and freedom to devote to those other tasks. This all adds up to improved workforce utilization, increasing productivity.


Skali’s physicians can provide First Opinion care such as reading X-ray or electrocardiogram (EKG) results, or Second Opinion advice to help determine if a case is an emergency, the level of urgency, or the need for evacuation (and pre or post evacuation care). This results in better decision making and treatment, directly improving health outcomes for your employees. 
Additionally, our proprietary system is developed to securely store all data relating to medical injuries and illnesses, analyze such data, and provide detailed reports and predictive modeling to aid in mitigating or properly preparing for future events.

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The new standard in remote emergency medical assistance has arrived