Improve communication
Enhance operational safety and reliability

Now you can better handle medical emergencies, save lives and avoid unnecessary operational challenges.



Mitigate risks and improve
readiness in your operation

Expertise in Aviation Medicine

Skali has a wealth of experience in aviation medicine, making it an invaluable resource for the DOD. This expertise can enhance the health and safety of military personnel involved in aviation operations.

Rapid Response

Skali provide swift medical assistance and decision support in case of medical events before or during flights. This can be crucial for addressing medical emergencies, ensuring that military missions continue without major disruptions.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Skali’s platform automates data collection and decision support, saving valuable time for military personnel. This efficiency can be crucial in time-sensitive military operations.

Improve Reachback

Most military personnel lack organic reachback access for medical advice while forward deployed, especially those “outside the wire” away from their operating base where they might otherwise call a home-based surgeon. While some special units may have satellite phones, many others do not. Yet even these select units rarely have remote telemedicine capability. In emergency situations where medics are absent or over-tasked, having such access could potentially save lives through rapid triage assistance and medical consultation or instruction. Currently, even with the best practices, an advising doctor on the other end of a radio or SATPHONE call does not have “eyes on” the wounded or sick soldier. Lacking this crucial piece of communication hinders the doctor’s ability to make the correct prognosis or advise a change in operations (such as deployment of CSAR or exfiltration assets) in a timely manner. 

By necessity, militaries will continue to place troops in remote or austere conditions that limit their communication reachback. This necessarily limits the amount of access to medical care that they receive. With Skali, we have modernized communication ability to specifically improve medical care and decision making. This translates to increased operational success because of improved safety and enhanced readiness. 

The new standard in remote emergency medical assistance has arrived