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Cost Savings

Approximately 1 in 604 flights experience a medical event. Many times, the crew elects to divert to a closer airfield for medical support. Even when the crew has access to a ground-based physician, the physician has incomplete information and often recommends a diversion out of caution. Yet many of these diversions ultimately prove unnecessary, and costly. Indeed, costs for large commercial airlines can reach over $800,000 each diversion! While most carriers will experience much lower diversion costs, any opportunity for savings is still welcome. With Skali’s improved communication physicians can provide better advice and aircraft operators will reduce unnecessary diversions. Coupled with Skali’s competitive pricing for this service, we provide greater value to your organization.

Enhance Safety

Air crews are trained to minimize distraction and work diligently to improve CRM (crew resource management) to operate safely across all phases of flight. While medical emergencies rightly demand crew attention, Skali’s innovative system reduces distraction, especially for pilots who are safest when they can focus on flying rather than acting as “middleman” to communicate between patient and doctor over the radio. Similarly, cabin crews benefit from the reduced workload by remaining free to attend to other passengers to improve comfort and safety. Skali connects the patient directly to the doctor, allowing all crew members to focus on operating the flight primarily.  

Improve Brand

When your organization offers the latest in inflight medical service, your customers and employees get the best experience possible. For passengers’ peace-of-mind, there is nothing quite as assuring as speaking face-to-face with a physician during a stressful medical event. Discerning customers will appreciate the improved service you offer from Skali, boosting your brand image and sales. 

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