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Who We Are

We are a unique platform, specializing in the delivery of healthcare to locations in which people often have limited access to a clinician.
Skali offers medical response cover to its members at the touch of a button. Our clinicians first stabilize you on the spot with the help of on-board resources.
We make access to timely medical assistance easier, when needed the most.

Our Purpose And Mission

A comprehensive Emergency Medical Response

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to provide patient-centric excellent care, along with the expertise of physicians in order to wholly treat a sick person.

Our Mission

We make access to medical assistance easier, when needed the most. Augmenting existing channels by providing assistance to individuals, while awaiting professional medical care.

The Best Medical Care!

Hear from our parnters!

This is an intriguing concept and product that has a lot of promise. We have spent a lot of money in the past on airborne medical support. After three years of subscription, while on a positioning flight I decided to test the process as we had been trained. I simply say it didn’t work at all. I was only a crew member on this test flight and so I did not observe the entire process firsthand, I was completely impressed when those conducting the test were immediately in contact with ground based medical personnel immediately on what I had found previously to be a very unreliable air-to-ground Wi-Fi system. Very Impressive!

Orion Air Motive Director of Operations

I love the idea of having on demand access to a doctor, especially with COVID still lingering in the background.

Carla Johnson Passenger

This is a giant leap into the future

Colin Airline Pilot


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