What is Skali?

Skali is a service designed for organizations that need medical assistance even in the most challenging environments. We provide 24/7/365 emergency telemedicine support while in transit or in remote locations. We primarily focus on commercial and business aviation, though we also support maritime vessels (corporate and private), the oil and gas industry, and military units. Skali also includes customized medical kits tailored to meet any necessary regulations.

What devices are compatible with Skali?

Skali is device agnostic and can be downloaded to the device of preference for a user. This means that no extra hardware is required for a subscription. The app is intuitive and easy to use from the start.

Does Skali provide training?

We have a standard training program which introduces the user to the full functionality of the app, explains best practices and provides resources for 24/7 technical support.

Who is covered by a Skali subscription?

Everyone who is involved with an operation on a subscribed aircraft or vessel: this means pilots, cabin crew, and passengers. Skali does not place a limit on those who are supported on a particular aircraft, nor does it limit the time or location of service (e.g., a passenger can receive support at the gate just as easily as inflight).

How does the subscription work?

Skali offers flexible pricing models to accommodate different operational needs. Some clients may elect to pay an annual fee per vehicle, seat, or user, while others may sign a multi-year subscription. A subscription entitles unlimited calls and constant technical support.

Who provides the medical advice?

Skali has partnered with Vituity, who provides licensed Emergency Medicine physicians on-call 24/7. These doctors use Skali’s better information transmission to make better diagnoses and/or prognoses, and consequently provide better medical assistance and operational advice.

How does Skali reach remote locations?

We have built an app that utilizes the rapidly growing satellite WIFI network to deliver emergency telemedicine anywhere it is needed. Our communication platform is designed to use very low bandwidth (<8mbps) at full functionality, including video calling.

What happens if wifi is unavailable?

If WIFI is unavailable or lost, users would revert to the use of radio or satellite phone. For aviation, Skali has partnered with ARINC to provide direct radio connection between our clients and our physicians.

Does a Skali subscription come with a medical kit?

Skali has an all-inclusive option for subscriptions which include a customized medical kit and allows for limitless full-service restocking for the duration of the subscription. Medical kits provided are subscriber-owned. We encourage our subscribers to be comfortable with the contents and use of their medical kits through training.