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About Safe Air

High quality medical service in aviation.

We are helping airlines make better informed decisions and provide better in-flight care to their passengers.

How It Works

SafeAir – is our state-of-the-art and proprietary technology platform, which provides our customers with decision support in the event of a medical event before or during a flight. It brings together the 4 pillars of the decision process together in one integrated tool. While maintaining connectivity between your flight operation and our medical experts.

SafeAir automates the collection of some or all of the relevant flight and position information, saving valuable time. Which gets you to an answer much faster.

We have physicians working 24/7/365 to make sure a robust and reliable response is delivered every-time. Our clinical team is based out of the U.S.

Executive Summary

Emergency Service

SafeAir is an Emergency Medical Services platform that acts as a point of care aide for airline crews responding to in-flight medical emergencies.

Technology Integrations

Thanks to SafeAir’s industry-leading technology integrations, airlines can rest easy knowing their passengers will get the care they need.


Over 2 million passengers take to the skies daily in the US alone, yet when a passenger experiences a medical emergency.