Safe Air


High quality medical service in aviation.

We are helping airlines make better informed decisions and provide better in-flight care to their passengers.

Executive Summary

SafeAir is developing a Emergency Medical Services platform that acts as a point of care aide for airline crews responding to in-flight medical emergencies.

Thanks to SafeAir’s industry-leading technology integrations, airlines can rest easy knowing their passengers will get the care they need.
Over 2 million passengers take to the skies daily in the US alone, yet when a passenger experiences a medical emergency, current in-flight emergency solutions are inefficient and result in flights being re-routed, which costs the airline industry an estimated $1.1B every year.

How it Works

How it Works


Passenger falls ill & requests medical assistance


Flight crew launch SafeAir, answer prompts & are guided through connecting equipment needed to iPad


Face-to-face connection with on-the-ground physician


Physician provides a better medical decision to help the passenger & crew


Flight crew makes informed re-routing decision